Host a Refill Station

Interested in having an Instream Water refill station in your community?

We work with potential host sites to determine where we can have the biggest impact on reducing plastic waste and providing safe and affordable filtered water.

Prioritized Site Locations Include:

  • Universities and Colleges
  • Municipal Parks
  • Commuter Paths
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • Zoos
  • Hospitals
  • Events (music festivals, community events, etc.)
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  • Reduction of plastic waste- consumers must use a reusable receptacle
  • Reduction of fossil fuels- we can use any commercial or municipal water supply to run a continuous supply of water through our filtration system eliminating the need for water delivery
  • Reduction in water waste- did you know it takes 3x the amount of water to manufacture the single-use plastic bottle than actually goes into the bottle for consumption?
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No cost to the host

We install and maintain each refill station at no cost to the host.

  • Licensed plumbers install each refill station
  • Instream Water pays the host site for all the source water utilized
  • Instream Water maintains all interior and exterior components to ensure the best water quality
  • Instream Water offers profit sharing at every host location


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  • Near Field Communication (NFC)- We utilize NFC technology to make transacting at any Instream refill station effortless
  • Remote Monitoring- every component inside the kiosk is remotely monitored to ensure premium water quality and safety to the surrounding environment.
  • Remotely Manipulation- We can remotely cycle water through the system, turn the water off, and manipulate the temperature inside the kiosk.


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About Us

Instream Water is a sustainability oriented company focused on reducing the number of single-use plastic water bottles manufactured and disposed of every year.  We are proud to call Denver our home.